Physical Description

Species: Primate

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Brown/Olive Grey

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 280 lbs

Biographical Information

Home World: The Dry Forest, Mammalia, Third Earth

Weapon of Choice: Spiked Club

Allegiance: Evil Mutants

Service/Branch: Monkian's Ape Warriors

Years of Service: Ten Years

Rank: Chief Lieutenant


Advanced Vision

Ground Assault Dweller

Hunting/Foraging Survivalist

Prey Tracker

Ambush Traveler Specialist

Battles/Wars: The Great Third Earth War

Africana Wars

Mutant Civil Wars

Goliath was among those recruited for Monkian's Ape Warriors. Goliath was General Brute's foot soldier. He's been known to track prey on open savanna, steppes, mountains and forests across Third Earth. Goliath has raided on numerous accounts the peaceful villages of the Bulkins, the Whoalo's and the Unicorn Keeper. He is clumsy and very skittish or at least that's what he wants his prey to think. By day Goliath forages around on the ground but at night he sleeps in the trees or up in the rocks to avoid any enemies. Goliath has been known to ambush travelers while their backs were turned in the dense rain forests, coastal forests and sometimes the savannah areas of West Central Mammalia. Monkian's troops tend to have a territory of around 20 miles. Goliath wears a battle armor that possess cannons that extract from the armor's eyes. They are rigged with special ammo that causes a victim to be stunned, while he goes through their personal belongings.

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