WilyKit and WilyKat by FlavioLuccisano

Whyle Kit and Whyle Kat Fan Art by FlavioLuccisano

Wilykit is Wilykat's annoying sister. Although she is Wilykat's twin she often disagrees with her brother. With her "bag of tricks," Wilykit can defend herself by temporarily baffling her aggressor. Wilykat is the most curious of the twins. He and his sister both are highly agile. Regardless of the fact that she is usually left in charge he often gets his sister and himself into serious danger. Don't be fooled, his sister also makes poor decisions as well. In the 2011 Animated Series, they are younger in age and were originally from a middle-class family in the countryside living together with their mother, their father, and their two siblings. When the two lost their father the family becoming more down-trodden, the twins resolve to run away from home to find the lost city and become rich. However, upon arriving at Thundera, they were compelled to become and lock-picking in order to survive the slums with their aspirations the only thing keeping them going. When the Lizards attack Thundera, the two manage to break out during the chaos before eventually teaming up with the ThunderCats on their journey. In this version, Wilykit and Wilykat have tails, which none of the main adult ThunderCats except Panthro possess (how Panthro lost his never shown nor explained), and visible external ears. Like in the original series, Wilykat possess gimmick weapons with his usual weapon being a grappling hook called a Flick. Wilykit also possesses a special instrument called a Flupe that she uses to play a soothing melody that their mother used to hum to the siblings, able to put anyone in a hypnotic trance. During her time with the elephants, learning how to use her flute to shatter boulders when in tune with the elephant's trumpets. Over the course of the first half of season one, Wilykit gained a spiritual outlook on life as she and her brother become more involved in their adult companions' fight. This resulted in Wilykit often taking on the role of Cleric left abandoned by Cheetara after she was joined by Tygra. In the second half, twins acquire hoverboards from the Berbils and later the Forever Bag, a magic bag previous thieves possessed that has an infinite storage space.