Willa and Nayda — Sisters who are both members of the Warrior Maidens. Willa is their leader while the younger Nayda is a scout and second-in-command. Both are expert markswomen with bows and arrows, and are very agile and fleet among the branches of their forest home. Often distrustful of outsiders, both become friends of the Thundercats and by their example, the rest of their people treat them as allies. They often help the Thunderians by showing them paths around Third Earth and using special tricks (like Bushy, a giant tree-top spider) to aid them on their quests and missions. On one occasion, Willa is even able to use the Sword of Omens', which normally is possible only for Lion-O. After the Mutants and the Lunataks are removed from Third Earth, Willa and Nayda become members of the League of Third Earth. They are whats left of the human race and cling to old beliefs. They made an alliance with the Thundercats soon after they arrived. They are also excellent hunters and trackers, and they also trained in hand to hand combat and silent weapons of several kinds.