CGI by Edward Arnold

The Unicorn Guardians are a race of mystics charged with the responsibility of protecting the beautiful Unicorns in the forest. Little is known about these guardians their origin and powers are a mystery. They are two unknown humanoids that serve as the caretakers of the Unicorn Forest where they look over the forest's unicorns. Although the male Unicorn Keeper and the female Unicorn Keeper are married, they are never referred to by their real name. They first appeared in "The Terror of Hammerhand" where they befriend the ThunderCats upon them coming to their aid when Hammerhand and his pirates have been poaching the unicorns. The female Unicorn Keeper tells Lion-O of the Black Widow Shark that dwells in the River of Despair. She uses a crystal that forms the Bridge of Light that enables Lion-O to cross the River of Despair. The female Unicorn Keeper and Ro-Bear-Bill tell Snarf that the other Thundercats have been captured by the Mutants and have been handed over to Mumm-Ra.