CGI by Edward Arnold

The Robear Berbils
are partly furred robot-bears from the planet Ro-Bear.[12] Because their homeworld is so tiny, they must form other colonies on distant worlds to survive. Small and harmless-looking, the Berbils are steadfast, hardy workers and skilled farmers, cooks and craftsmen. It was thanks to them that Tygra was able to build Cats Lair — and later the Tower of Omens — so quickly. Apparently, the Robear Berbils are Cybernetic organisms, as they are able to eat and digest organic food. Robear Bill and Robear Belle are the leaders of the nearby Robear Berbil village. These robot-bears are the first to befriend the ThunderCats and often supply information about local places, people and phenomena on Third Earth. Through their fields and forests of Fruit Trees, they are also able to provide the Thundereans with new foodstuffs. When they were first encountered, the Thundercats protected the Berbil's Candy Fruit crops from the Trollogs and the Giantors.

It was revealed that two Ro-Bear Berbils had saved Lynx-O, Ben-Gali, and Pumyra from the destruction of Thundera. Their ship was damaged upon evading the explosion of Thundera and landed on an island on Third Earth since it didn't have any more power to get back to the Berbil Village. The two Berbils alongside the other three Thundercats ends up landing on an uninhabited island where they lived until they were caught by Hammerhand and his pirates. The two Berbils were later rescued by the Thundercats and assumed to have been reunited with the other Berbils. After the Mutants and the Lunataks were removed from Third Earth, Robear Bill and Robear Belle become members of the League of Third Earth.

In the 2011 Animated Series, the Berbils are shown to be more bear-like and have an ability to roll up into balls. The Berbils made themselves known to the Thundercats when they helped to repair the Thunder Tank and give them food. Panthro was against their cute appearance first until it came to repairing Ro-Bear-Bill following an attack by the Conquedor (who had been abducting Berbils and selling them as slaves). The Thundercats managed to help the Berbils drive away the Conquedor along with his Trollog and Giantor customers. The Berbils later help in constructing Panthro's new arms and upgrading the Thunder Tank. In "What Lies Above" Pt. 2, Wilykit and Wilykat were able to get the Berbils to help them fight Mumm-Ra and save Avista. After Avista was safely landed, the Berbils began working to get Avista operational again