CGI by Edward Arnold

These twin warriors are the perfect fighting weapon, when they are together they are almost unstoppable. Their minds are mentally linked, what one sees, thinks, or senses the other does as well, in battle is a great advantage. Tegra is three minutes older than Lygra and she respects her as the older sister, even though she responds more mature than her sister. Tegra is impulsive she charges into situations without thinking. But Lygra is more reserved, she thinks before she leaps, she a great tactician and strategist in the field. Tegra is the inventor of the two. She loves weapons and inventing them. She and her sister carry the Stingers a device that emits an electrical energy charge, the small tentacles can shootout attaching themselves to several enemies, incapacitating them. Lion-O has a little crush on Tegra, because of her fun-loving persona, Tegra respects Lion-O as her leader and King but that's as far as it goes.