CGI by Edward Arnold

Tara was created by Mumm-Ra to penetrate the ThunderCats defenses, and destroy them from within. Tara is a hybrid between the stolen and combined DNA of Cheetara and Tashi. The Priestess who was trapped in the Time Warp Prison.

Tara is a powerful warrior, who wields an ancient Egyptian dagger, also one of her attributes as she is incredibly fast, and has some knowledge of magic. The she-cat has the potential to overtake men’s minds and trap them in The Doomgaze which is her most feared power. Tara is very uncontrollable, even her decomposing master could not force her to comply with him, and she turned against him. She is not all evil but does have a very devious side, and cannot always be trusted. The only male that she truly admires and looks up to is Lion-O, she is madly in love with him.