CGI by Edward Arnold

A giant Queen spider that rules the Kingdom of Webs. One of her servants captures Snarf. Lion-O fights Spidera and is knocked onto Spidera's web. Lion-O becomes trapped in her web. The other Thundercats arrive to fight Spidara only to have Cheetara and Tygra become entangled in her webs. Snarf manages to throw the Sword of Omens to Lion-O, allowing himself and the other Thundercats to defeat Spidera. Mumm-Ra creates a gallery trap for Lion-O with Spidera being one of the portraits alongside Slithe, Ratar-O, and Safari Joe. This giant monster is a merciless collector of victims, anyone entering her web will never escape. In the 2011 Animated Series, Spidera was depicted as a giant spider that Panthro and Grune encountered after busting out of a prison camp during the Lizard War. Panthro told Wilykit and Wilykat that Spidera had him trapped until Grune ripped out his sabretooth and stabbed Spidera in her weakspot.