Slythe the self proclaimed leader of the Mutants, because he's the strongest and most feared. But he's a far cry

CGI by Edward Arnold

from the smartest, however that's one major reason why the Mutants have never been able to defeat the Thundercats. Slythe the brutish leader of the Reptilians, a race of Lizard Men. Although he lacks sophistication, his intuitive cunning is considerable. Domineering and impatient, Slithe often must browbeat the other Mutants into going along with his plans. Unlike Jackalman and Monkian (whose appearances are identical to other mutants of their kind), Slythe stands out from other Reptilians because of his ears and broader build. He pilots the Nosediver. Slythe served as Ratar-O's cook earlier in his career, and he retains a discriminating palate.

In the 2011 Animated Series, through a descendant of the Lizards that were enslaved by him, Slythe serves Mumm-Ra in order for his kind to take revenge on the ThunderCats for generations of persecution. Succeeding in ransacking Thundera, Slythe pursues Lion-O's group before overseeing the search for the Book of Omens and later the War Stones. When it came to the attack on the Elephants' village while Mumm-Ra was in the Astral Plane, Slythe and Grune disobey Mumm-Ra's orders and attacked the village. In "Legacy," it was revealed that a Lizard named Rezard assisted Leo and Panthera into overthrowing Mumm-Ra. In "New Alliances," some of the Lizards that worked for Slythe have been deserting Mumm-Ra causing Slythe to prosecute any that he catches. Slythe is also instructed by Mumm-Ra to recruit Kaynar and Addicus to Mumm-Ra's services.