Physical Description

Species: Alligator

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Dark Green/Yellowish-Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 7' 2"

Weight: 454 lbs

Biographical Information

Home World: River Ridge, Reptilia, Third Earth

Weapon of Choice: Gatling Cannon

Allegiance: Evil Mutants

Service/Branch: Jackalman's Rebellion

Years of Service: Thirty Years



Natural Body Armor

Hold Breath

Underwater Terrorist

Swamp Fighter

Swim Equal/Quick Run

Battles/Wars: The Great Third Earth War

First, Second & Third Reptilian War

Slash was more than just a reptilian he was master of the swamplands. Reptilia, one of the ten continents of Third Earth was a grassy swamp with slow-driving river country. Slash on the other hand hated none-reptilian lifeforms and that included Cats. In the continent of Reptilia Slash has been at war with other reptilians that were not there own speices they vow to conquer Third Earth, that is why when joinging Jackalman's army he hopes of conquering one continent at a time.

It has been known that Slash can make a lightning dash for a maximum distance of 200 feet. He has a competive swim skill that is most impressive, even though S-slithe is the Mutant Reptilian leader, he simply can not stand Slash. Rumor has it that he plans on a takeover which will cause the Reptilians to rebel and take over Third Earth and then the galaxy.