CGI by Edward Arnold

Safari Joe an intergalactic big game hunter who ventures to Third Earth to hunt the Thundercats. He uses a rifle that has a variable arsenal of weapons (capture claws, fire rounds, missiles, etc.). He was known for his trademark slogan: "Safari Joe... Does it again!" Safari Joe succeeds in capturing all the Thundercats through different traps associated with their weaknesses and imprison them in cages made of Thundranium. He captures Wilykit and Wilykat by shooting darts into their hoverboards, fires energy bolts at Cheetara, traps Tygra in water, and uses an illusion of an energy bat to trap Panthro. Safari Joe fails to catch Lion-O thanks to Snarf supplying a distraction. When Safari Joe finds himself out of ammunition, he is revealed as nothing more than a coward. Safari Joe was made to promise that he would never hunt again and Mule was reprogrammed to ensure he kept his word. A ruthless intergalactic bounty hunter, Safari Joe is a malicious gamesman who came to Third Earth to hunt the most dangerous prey of all: Thundercats. He is armed with a versatile Gatling gun capable of firing a various assortment of ammunition. His weakness is overconfidence, and he relies too much upon his weaponry. He's extremely loud and annoying, and his memory is just like that of an elephant, he never forgets or forgives.He has never been bested by a prey before. He will never stop. Until he has the head of the Lord of the Thundercats on his wall.