Full Name: Rhinoceros

Affiliation: Jackalman's Army

Base of Operations: Castle Plun-Darr


Battles/Wars: The Great Third Earth War

Race: White Rhinoceros

Marital Status: Single

Primary Military Specialty: Africana Brawler

Secondary Military Specialty: Heavy Weapons

Weapon of Choice: Twin Warslayers


Gender: Male

Height: 8'2"

Weight: 500 lbs

Eyes: Brown – Grey

Hair: Black


Homeworld: Third Earth

Place of Birth: Dawntown, Mammalia


Rhino hails from Dawntown, one of the numerous countries on the continent of Mammalia located on Third Earth. Dawntown is mostly open grasslands and floodplains and covered in swamps, rain forests and cold mists. Eastern Dawntown is mostly covered in wooded savannas. The Greater one-horned often charge when startled; this defense mechanism has given him an undeserved reputation for having a bad temper. Rhino seems as if he has lumbered into Third Earth from some primeval era. He's a street fighter and is very vicious in a fight. Rhino is the embodiment of brute strength. He is quite strong that he has been known to overturn the Thunder Tank barehanded. Rhino's aggressiveness is not the only thing a Thundercat has to be concerned about. His twin Warslayers, which emits gasses that paralysis his victims while the balls their selves can serve as bombs. Rhino has tangled with the Thundercats on occasions. During recruitment for his rebel army, General Jackalman was given a demonstration of just how powerful this heavyset body can be, he ran straightforward and through the walls of the Thundercats fortress on Third Earth known as Cats Lair.