Full Name “Proto” Artificial Assassination Juggernaut

Home World Ucrora


Designation 750-2620

Eye color Red

Gender Masculine Programming

Hair Bald

Height 6' 1"

Skills Airborne Assault, Assassination/Population

Elimination, Bounty Hunter, Thundercat Tracker

Species Assassin/Battle War Droid

Weapon of Choice Blaster Pistol, Holocube, Wrist Tranquilizer

Weight 198 lb.


Affiliation(s) The Hunters

Base of Operations Mobile

War Service The Thunderian Wars


Proto was designed to be used for extreme planetary conditions while other droids couldn't survive the radioactive environments in outer space. A series of Proto models were produced in a series of test runs only 12 out of the 3,200 models survived. On Ucrora, a rock, and a violent storm planet. No other life form could live in this volcanic world. During the upgrade, Mumm-Ra personally programmed the Proto droid to operate in various risky environments, such as extreme heat, acid rivers, and places constantly being destroyed by lightning. Not only is the Proto battle droid fitted for extreme combat. This android intelligence has the capacity to see everything whether it's in the dark or in broad daylight. It also featured increased agility, exo-atmospheric, and maneuverability. All in all, it was perfect. Proto has envisaged the most dangerous foe since Mumm-Ra.

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