CGI by Edward Arnold

A beautiful princess from ancient times who was imprisoned in the time continuum. She wields the power of the Doomgaze which enables her to mesmerize males with her beauty. The Ancients Spirits of Evil ordered Mumm-Ra to have the Mutants free her. They needed to obtain items in order to free Ta-She, which included the hair of a cheetah (which ended up being a sample of Cheetara's hair), the tears of a Berbil (which Mumm-Ra extracted from Ro-Bear-Belle), the shoe of a unicorn, and a hero to take her place (Mumm-Ra planned to have Lion-O be the candidate for this). Freed by Mumm-Ra, Ta-She puts the male Thundercats under her spell. She is ultimately defeated by Cheetara, who being a woman was completely immune to the effects of Ta-She's beauty, and is then returned to her eternal prison. Was banished to another dimension because of the mis-use of her powers, for her own gain and purpose by her own servants. She still remains trapped at this time her beauty and youth unchanged by the centuries. Will she escape someday?