Affiliation The Freedom Confederacy; Thundercats

Archenemy Mumm-Ra

Full Name Rolando Longcord


Color Caucasian

Eyes Blue

Gender Male

Hair Black

Height 6' 2”

Weight 264 lb.


Base of Operations Raven Point

Battles / Wars The Great Third Earth War

Home World Ecrone

Skills Ex-Bounty Hunter, Professional Pistoleer for Hire and Royal Protector

Species Human

Weapons Dual Blaster Cannon Pistols


Pilgrim is a living legend throughout the galaxy. He is an ex- intergalactic bounty hunter, who saved Lion-O’s life from an assassin. If it wasn't for Pilgrim, there would be no Lord of the Thundercats. Mumm-Ra had commissioned bounty hunters to hunt down and eradicate the Thundercats. But Mumm-Ra knew those famous bounty hunters were not about to “hand them over” to Mumm-Ra without payment. Pilgrim stopped the assassination on the King's life. Pilgrim dedicated his life as Lion-O’s personal bodyguard to protect the King of New Thundera. Pilgrim now resides in on the frontier settlement of Skipmore.