Physical Description

Species: Primate

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Light Cool Brown/Darker Yellowish-Orange

Eye Color: Gray

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 411 lbs

Biographical Information

Home World: Falls of Eternity, Mammalia, Third Earth

Weapon of Choice: Power Chains

Allegiance: Evil Mutants

Service/Branch: Monkian's Ape Warriors

Years of Service: Ten Years

Rank: Chieftain





Slash-and-Burn Tactics

Vertical Clinger

Battles/Wars: The Great Third Earth War

Assault At The Tower of Omens

Born and raised in the tropical rain forest in Mammalia which is located on Third Earth. The Falls of Eternity is a waterfall that nestles in the continent, which he spent most of his live in a tree. After the great return of Monkian who later adapted himself King. He began to raise a primate army to wreck havoc all over Third Earth. His enlistment message traveled far and wide from rain forests to islands to scrub lands, letting all primate Mutants know that it was time for apes to rule.

Many primates enlisted including Boon, his many skills were exactly what King Monkian wanted and needed for his gorilla raiders. Among Boon's many skills, was in fact his strength ability, he was quite strong to say the least. Boon is the loudest primate Monkian had ever heard. Boon's deep, howling calls can be heard for nearly 2 miles through the forests and more than 3 miles over open country like lakes and such. The sound is so powerful that it can cause deafness. Boon can travel fast and able to subdue a victim without any noise. Boon was the most acrobatic primate that Monkian had ever saw. Boon has been known to do battle in most habitats such as forests, grasslands, high plains, and mountains. One thing was for certain, Boon was no coward, which was exactly the kind of soldier Monkian wanted.

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