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General Information

Founders: King Monkian

Notable Members:

General Brute





Headquarters: The Iron Fortress, Third Earth

Historical Information

Created: 300 Years {After the Exile of all Mutants}

Other Information

Allegiance: Evil Mutants

During the course of caging the Mutants, Monkian escaped from Astral Prison and founded his way back to Third Earth from then on he made his living in the Iron Fortress by enslaving the Brute Men. After nearly 26 years of exile, the harry primate decided to raise an ape army, which he dubbed himself, King Monkian, King of all primates.


Monkian's Ape Warriors were no more the other primates he recruited for his army of terrorists, which he hopes will bring forth the Thundercats and a rematch will prevail. His recruitment got him several outcasts that were tough enough to handle a single opponent just that they had never been dealt with Thundercats before, accept Monkian who plans on destroying them all. They had become a rather rough bunch since the Cats left for New Thundera, which left Third Earth vulnerable.

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