CGI by Edward Arnold

A demonic goat-like being believed to be the personification of fear on Third Earth. For three centuries, Mumm-Ra had unsuccessfully tried to locate his tomb and free him, but the Thunderkittens accidentally freed Mongor allowing him to attack and subdue the other Thundercats. He feeds from his opponents's fears to grow larger and more powerful. His only weakness is for his foes not to look directly at him, which takes away his power (as Lion-O, WilyKit and WilyKat discover to defeat him. An evil entity that feeds on "FEAR", the fear that he instills in his victims. He was freed by the Thundertwins, and once freed he wrecked havoc on the citizens of Third Earth, feeding all the while.This monster weilds a mystical Scykle that burns everything it touches. Mongor is centuries old, even older than Mum-Ra himself, as powerful as he is, he has one weakness, and thats someone with no fear, thats how Lion-O defeated him, and with the help of the Sword of Omens and the Thunderkittens he was returned to his prison.