Mandora the evil chaser thundercats by mlauneim-d54c29c

CGI by: ~MLauNeim

Officer Mandora is an intergalactic police officer, who works in conjunction with a series of law enforcers to protect the peaceful people of the galaxy. She works in part to run the Great Penal Planet — which houses some of the galaxy’s nastiest criminals — and routinely comes to Third Earth as part of her patrols. When one of these criminals, a robotic pickpocket named Quick Pick, helps her and Lion-O against Captain Cracker, she makes him an Evil Chaser assistant. She travels on a specially equipped hoverbike called the Electro-Charger and uses a weapon called the “enzyme catalyzer” (a spray gun that uses a chemical described as "a closely guarded secret, once called soap"). After the Mutants and the Lunataks are removed from Third Earth. Mandora becomes a member of the League of Third Earth and The Freedom Confederacy.