CGI by Edward Arnold.

Lynxana was at one time a Thundercat. When a position of responsibility opened up in her tribe, she thought since she was the oldest offspring, she would have it. When her younger brother had the job instead, she grew angry and started a rebellion against the Thundercats. She lost and was then exiled from Thundera. She became a bounty hunter and when the Mutants put out a bounty on the Thundercats. She captured all of the Thundercats and turned them over for payment. When she was fighting Lion-O she saw Jaga in the background and told Lion-O she was wrathful he would see him fall. Lion-O thought something was odd because only he can see Jaga. He used the Sword of Omens and saw that in fact, it was Mumm-Ra in disguise. When Lynxana saw how evil Mumm-Ra was, she helped Lion-O released the Thundercats from the Mutants in Castle Plundarr. The Thundercats was willing to make her a Thundercat again, but she declined. Since then, she has turned into an ally and a friend of the Thundercats.

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