Full Name: Wolf

Affiliation: Jackalman's Army

Base of Operations: Castle Plun-Darr


Battles/Wars: Mutant Civil Wars

Race: Grey Wolf

Marital Status: Single

Primary Military Specialty: Mercenary Hunter

Secondary Military Specialty: Wilderness Fighter

Weapon of Choice: Deathscar Blade


Gender: Alpha Male

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 264 lbs

Eyes: White – Grey

Hair: Brown – Black


Homeworld: Third Earth

Place of Birth: Newmeadow, Canis


Lycurgus hails from Newmeadow, a country in Canis on Third Earth. Some say that Newmeadow is nothing more than a country of rabid werewolves and that they sacrifice humans to their gods. This is nothing more than a rumor and certainly not true. Country of Newmeadow is a wilderness area country that is covered in creeks, rivers, mountains, forests, snowy tundra, steppe, open woodlands, grasslands and arid landscapes. Some species of Grey Wolves, like Darkmoon, occupy the edges of swamps in South Canis. Lycurgus has been known to travel long distances. Jackalman gave the word that he was expanding his rebel army. Mutants from all over Third Earth were looking at a chance of destroying the Thundercats.