CGI by Edward Arnold

Full Name: Benj Lecel Lynxami

Affiliation: Thundercats

Base of Operations: Tower of Omens


Battles/Wars: The Thunderian Wars

Race: Blynx or "Lynx-Cat"

Marital Status: Widow

Skills: Expert Tracker, Stalk-and-Ambush Hunter

Weapon of Choice Steelspirit Ax


Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 220 lbs

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: Gray/Chestnut-Spots


Homeworld: Ocellynx, Thundera


Lecel was the local legend during the early years of Thundera. He was known throughout Thundera as "The Scout Chief". Lecel and Lord Claudus were great friends and had great respect for each other. His many expertise included: cave, forest/jungle, mountain, plant, river, stone and tree knowledge of Thundera. The day had finally come when Claudus approached his old friend about joining up the ThunderCats, at first, he declined by feeling his mature age, he left to go into the wilderness. The decision lasted no more than a couple of years, when finally convinced him to join, after single-handily stopped a Mutant troop invasion from taking over Thundera City - thus began his legacy. His various duties were training the Cats cave diving, jungle and mountain combat and wilderness survival skills. His weapon of choice was that of a double beveled broad ax known as the "Steelspirit” Ax in which he becomes an expert. Technology constitutes no a friend of his and that's fine by him. It was part of the deciding factors in his decision to reside in the wild. One of his amazing abilities that Lecel is capable of surviving in a variety of habitats, as long as there are locations where he can hide. Lecel often lived in rocky areas that give him shelter from extreme cold or heat. Lecel is a great climber and can escape up a tree if needed, but he'd rather spend his time on the ground. Lecel will swim if he needs to, but it's not his first choice.

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