CGI by Edward Arnold

Physical Description

Species: Caraval

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Yellowish/Reddish/Blonde - Black Spots

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 194 lbs

Biographical Information

Home World: Unah Forest, Thundera

Weapon of Choice: Iron Wind

Alliegeance: Thundercats

Service/Branch: None

Years of Service: Seventeen Years

Rank: Physical Training Officer



Expert Hunter

Martial Arts Expert

High Jump

Battles/Wars: The Thunderian Wars

Revolt At Mt. Sheba

Attack At Fort Jaga

Battle of New Thundera I & II

Jares is a "half-breed" with a mysterious past. She is by far the most dedicated ThunderCat since Jaga the Wise. Her abilities are amazing but she still a little rough on the claws; a regular hellcat. It seems her shadowy past has something to do with her parents. Herikra, her mother died giving birth to her while Grune, her infamous father had turned rogue. Jares soon accepts her damnation to her inheritance and flees to the Thunderian Badlands. King Claudus decided to train her himself, making her his personal bodyguard. He tries to calm her wildness through hypnosis and of course through the Code of Thundera. She has nightmares about her past that is why King Claudus wanted to help her. Jares is the best hunter in her Caraval Clan, she is well-trained in silents weapons, acrobatics, and cross-trained in Chiju the Thunderian martial art; a fighting-style art that no other ThunderCat has ever achieved stardom, which was why she was appointed physical training instructor for the ThunderCats under King Claudus. She was later trained in stalk and capture, a technique that very few Cats' know. There are some Cats that are successful in just one of every five or six attempts to capture a prey, Jares on the other hand, can make a kill in about half of all tries, which resulting in her ability to high jump to 10 feet.