Jaga Thundercats by atanbz

Jaga the Wise Fan Art by atanbz

Jaga the Wise was at one time the Lord of the ThunderCats is known as the greatest Thunderlord to ever wear the mantle of leadership, which was passed down from King Claudus. Jaga received this honor at the age of 21, as one of Thundera's high guards he gained many medals in battle and his skills was brought to the attention of the King, who made his military advisor. Decades later ordered by Claudus himself Jaga was told to escape Thundera and take his son young Lion-O and the ThunderCat nobles with him, he obeys also taking with the Code of Thundera, Truth, Honor, Justice, Loyalty. In the 2011 Animated Series, Jaga serves as head of Thundera's warriors, possessing knowledge of ancient secrets. Superhuman speed, projecting lightning from his staff. In his prime, he once made use of Sword of Omens in an epic duel against Ratilla. At the start of the series, Jaga sacrifices himself to ensure Lion-O and his group escape. This resulted in him being tortured into revealing the location of the Book of Omens to Mumm-Ra, though doing his best to resist the villain's magic when sealed within a lantern. Eventually his free will be wavering along with his physical form. Though Jaga destroys the lantern that was keeping his soul intact to save Lion-O from Mumm-Ra, his soul took residence within the Book of Omens and becomes Lion-O's guide. In the 2-part "The Trials of Lion-O" Pt. 1, Jaga tells Lion-O of the challenges he must undergo to gain a second chance in life. But when he failed the conclusive test, Jaga allows Lion-O to return to the living long enough to save the other ThunderCats though it would exile the king's soul to Limbo. However, once saving his friends. Lion-O learns from Jaga that it was actually a test like the other challenges and allows Lion-O to remain among the living.