Joab Ythar

Full Name: Jaarallah al-Kassem

Affiliation: The Freedom Confederacy

Base of Operations: Raven Point


Battles/Wars: Assault at Tower of Omens

Race: Dromedary Camel

Marital Status: Single

Primary Specialty: Desert Patrol

Secondary Specialty: Harsh Environment Survivalist

Weapon of Choice: Wind Fury Crossbow


Gender: Male

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 285 lbs

Eyes: Cream – Tan

Hair: Brown – Black


Homeworld: Third Earth

Place of Birth: Az-Zabar, Mammalia


Jaarallah al-Kassem is from the native continent of Mammalia of Third Earth. The country of Az-Zabar, is a desert, prairie, and steppe region where some of the worst villainy inhabits. Most of the villainy work out in the rocky mountainous areas, stony plains and flat, arid deserts of north-west and south-west of Az-Zabar. Prior joining the Freedom Confederacy, Jaarallah was a slave and were used to cross the vast desert regions there until he broke free from prison and fled to the West. While being a slave, Jaarallah was living in extremely harsh conditions. Jaarallah can survive a wide range of temperatures, even weeks or more without water, and can last for several months without food.