Africana Wars
Africana-Mammalia Border Wars
Ambush At Castle Claudus
Ambush At The Kings Mountain
Amphibia-Reptilian Conflict
Arachnida Riots
Assault At The Tower of Omens
Attack At Fort Jaga
Aves Uprising
Battle of The Jungle of Darkness
Battle of Moon Lake
Battle of New Thundera I
Battle of New Thundera II
Battle of Savanna Swamp
Battle For Tunnel Hills
Battle of The Tree Top Kingdom
Canis Insurrection
Carnivora War of Independence
Charge At Unica
Crusade In The Valley of Mists
Duel At Sky Cat
Escape From Castle Plun-Darr
First Reptilian War
Great Rebellion of Thundera
Great Third Earth War
Gunfight At The Black Fortress
Guns of Aqua City
Insect Crisis
Invasion of Third Earth
Intruders of The Iron Glades
Journey To The Caverns of Cold
Mammalia Revolt
Massacre At Astral Prison
Mutant Civil Wars
Mutiny At Fort Jaga
Operation Sky Cat
Outlaws of Outland
Plunderers of Castle Plun-Darr
Prisoners of Mumma-Ra
Pursuit To Sky Cat
Raiders of Wind Cave
Revolt At Mt. Sheba
Riders of Thunder Mountain
Second Reptilian War
Shootout At The Forest of Whispers
Showdown At Sky Cat
Siege of Cats Lair
Soldiers of New Liberty
Southern Koala-Northern Koala Border Conflict
Stampede At Simba
Survival of Winding Falls
Terror In Aqua City
Thunderian Wars
Third Reptilian War
Trail of Sand Hill
Truce At Marely
Under Siege In New Cats Lair
Vengence of Mumm-Ra
Victory At Hook Mountain