Monkey general by timbrian-d4lnivp

CGI by Edward Arnold

Physical Description

Speices: Primate

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Grayish-Brown/ Yellowish Pony Tail

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6' 8"

Weight: 500 lbs

Biographical Information

Home World: Thable, Mammalia, Third Earth

Weapon of Choice: Battle Bones

Allegiance: Evil Mutants

Service/Branch: Monkian's Ape Warriors

Years of Service: Thirty-Five Years

Rank: General-in-Chief


Troop Leader

Battles/Wars: The Great Third Earth War

African-Mammalia Border Wars

Mammalian Revolt

In the continent of Mammalia their lies Thable, a mountainous lowland tropical rain forest. It is surrounded with a cross river, mountain slopes and bamboo forests. General Brute lived higher in the rain forests than most primates. General Brute has often led his band of Mountain Gorillas on a countryside raid into several villages throughout Thable even as far as the Tree Top Kingdom. General Brute is a cruel military leader who is often making slaves out of the Whoalo's, the Robear Berbils and the Bulkins. Outmatched the villagers would always give-in to whatever General Brute wanted.

While out recruiting for his army of Ape Soldiers, King Monkian struck a deal with General Brute, "command all my troops and all the riches on Third Earth will be yours,". This greedy hairy ape not to mention idiotic and stupid agreed. General Brute's most wary adversaries are the Warrior Maidens even though they are out-manned they are still thwarted by the gracious Amazons. With what military training he has to offer they are still no match for the Thundercats. It didn't take long before a full-scale frontal assault on the Tower of Omens had began. Let's hope that the Thundercats are more than enough to take down these harry gorillas, because if they aren't, then all of Third Earth is doomed.

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