Forest, Mist

Forest, Mist wallpaper.

The Forest of Whispers was a location on New Thundera that produced giant one kilometer-tall tree that had 20-meter wide leaves. A mist would shroud the location, which would visibility. While difficult to scroll through, the location was regarded as beautiful when viewed from above which seemed like a huge field of grass shards that were caressed with a soft mist. The woodlands were called “Towering Woodland” because of the many whispering winds that flow ever so gently through the leaves, but its ghost-like voices' wailed through the treetops caused many Thunderian mad.

This humid forest was filled with a tremendous variety of plant life, the Glistening Swamp and the Black River and a host of many animal species. The wailing is a sonic whisper that causes any living being to wander through the wood helpless and mad and has known to cause death. Black River runs through the forest up to two miles. Fellow Thunderian Benjn had reportedly created this place his home before his enlistment of being a ThunderCat. He is the only one who ever lived to not be hypnotized and falling to his death.