CGI by Edward Arnold

The ancient enermy of Hachiman, a long time rival of the great samurai. centuries ago Dragoon raided and pilaged the surrounding countrysides wrecking havoc on every city, every village untill Hanuki Kyrinaka the father of Hachiman and an army of samurai hunted him and finally caught up to him. They tried their best to destroy the monster but to no avail, they were consumed by Dragoon's hell fire. Hachiman lost his father that day he was fifteen, and ever since then he vowed to avenge his father and rid their world of Dragoon.

They did battle many times, neither gaining ground on the other, untill Hachiman with the use of a mystical urn and a magical incantation trapped the body and essences of Dragoon forever, untill the urn was stolen by Groul and he was released by Chime-Ra whom he now serves as a slave thanks to the Nullifier.