Physical Description

Species: Blue Tiger

Gender: Male

Hair Color: RGB Blue/Black - Spots & Stripes

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 8' 4"

Weight: 400 lbs

Biographical Information

Home World: Tigris, Thundera

Weapon of Choice: Battle Hooks

Allegiance: Thundercats

Service/Branch: Claw

Years of Service: Twenty-Six Years

Rank: Team Captain


Stalk-and-Ambush Hunter

Night Vision

Snow Assault Trooper

Mountaineer/Wilderness Guide

Camouflage Specialist

Battles/Wars: The Thunderian Wars; The Great Third Earth War

Attack At Fort Jaga

Ambush At The Kings Mountain

Battle of The Jungle of Darkness

Battle For Tunnel Hills

Crerell is the last of the Blue Tiger Clan. His fellow Clan brothers were killed during the final days on Thundera when the Dog Soldiers invaded. Dog Soldiers led by General Lupus were determined to destroy the Cats no matter the cost. Crerell survived the aftermath when Thundera was destroyed. He vowed revenge for the death of his clan and wasn't going to sleep until every last Dog Soldier paid in blood. That is why he later joined Claw. Lion-O and Crerell never got along. Crerell constantly reminding the King that he ruled New Thundera like a wet kitten, nothing like his father a true noble knight, which caused a lot of conflicts between the two adult Cats. It was during a routine mission to Third Earth that proved Crerell's loyalty to the Lion Lord. They were both captured and nearly killed when Monkian's Ape Warriors had caught them and imprisoned them in Castle Plundarr. Crerell was able to escape not before breaking the chains that held his Thunder Lord. They both managed to get back to New Thundera.

It was when they returned that Crerell was inducted into the Claw ranks and were made an honorable ThunderCat. King Lion-O and Crerell made an agreement if he would help the ThunderCats track down the Mutants he would in turn, help him swear out a warrant for the arrest of the Dog Soldiers. He promises to exile General Lupus to Astral Prison forever. It should be mentioned that on a hot, steamy day in the Thunderian forests, Crerell will take to the river to cool off. In the Caverns of Cold, he enjoys the snow.

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