Cheetara by fabiovalle-d4x4u1z

Cheetara Fan Art by Fabiovalle

Cheetara possessing super-speed that puts her namesake to shame, is a lot more than a fast runner, though somewhat limited in use, she's one of the toughest ThunderCats, a smart fighter. With hand-activated bo-staff, makes her nearly invincible. Cheetara also has a mysterious "sixth sense" that gives her premonitions about the future or an accurate portrayal of the past. Although her use of this special "sixth-sense" provides truthful information, it is also very limited.

This quick and agile warrior depends on any tasks, as leader of the Black Talon Cheetara has won many battles for Thundera, thanks to her Armor of speed. Yes this armor increases her speed by three, now Lion-O has a new mission for the Black Talon a mission that could cost the life of every member if they were tantamount to fail. But they must not fail if they are to gain an upper hand in this destructive war. Cheetara goes through multiple relationships through the comic series starting with Panthro and ending with Tygra. Eventually, she and Tygra raise two children.

In the 2011 Animated Series, Cheetara was originally an orphan who wanted to join the Thunderian Order of Clerics. Though she had the speed possessed by clerics, she lacked the patience needed and was initially turned down by Jaga. Cheetara decided to show Jaga she had patience and began to wait in front of the doors to the Order. Instead of keeping true to her word and proving herself patient, Cheetara used the petals of a flower given by Tygra to sustain herself. Jaga finally enabled her to join the Order after this. In the aftermath of Thundera's downfall, Cheetara is the only surviving member other than Jaga. Cheetara initially is also a counselor to Lion-O, since she never shuns him for his interest in technology and initially seemed to be support his kindness to other races. In "Between Brothers," Cheetara confesses her feelings to Tygra, resulting in a kiss and in the end both become a couple. In the following episode, "New Alliances," Cheetara explains to Lion-O that he was only an assignment given to her by Jaga and that all her flirtations and intimate contacts were just her way of performing her duties. Since then, Cheetara's role as a cleric and group member has greatly diminished to the point of being nonexistent.