CGI by Edward Arnold

Captain Shiner is a ruthless, cunning monocle-wearing, dog-like space-faring intergalactic mercenary. Shiner commands a starship named "The Vertus", with a sizeable crew of 142. The famous ship is well known in five systems. Shiner has been known to work for Mumm-Ra on several occasions (for a substantial fee). He did, however, help the Thundercats escape a black hole. Like the time he was ordered by Mumm-Ra to take the three Thunderians Lynx-O, Pumyra, and Ben-Gali to Fire-Rock Mountain to be locked away. Fire-Rock Mountain is where Thundranium has been located. After Lynx-O, Pumyra, and Ben-Gali are imprisoned on Fire-Rock Mountain, Captain Shiner engaged the Thundercats which ended with his ship being rocketed off to outer space. Shiner will do business with anyone that can pay his price. Shiner is still at large and will remain a threat to the Thundercats.