CGI by Edward Arnold

Bull the Terrible

Character Name Xyrus


Eyes Blue

Gender Male

Hair Grey

Height 6' 11”

Skin Type Leather

Weight 327 lbs.


Xyrus knew as Bull the Terrible or Xyrus the Fearsome is an alien race that resembles an anthropomorphic Minotaur. Bull the Terrible desires galactic conquest. Like many of his race, he has advanced technology and a strong government. Been known to hold gladiatorial battles. Xyrus won't hesitate to fight. Many colonists fear Xyrus and many consider him to be the most ruthless and dangerous being in the known galaxy. He travels from planet to planet seeking out alien life forms to enslave. Once a life form is captured they are forced to mine for Treitium. A precious gold-like substance that is quite valuable. He has one witness. He is quite superstitious. Xyrus was transported from his world to Third Earth. Summoned by Mumm-Ra in order to liberate himself of the ThunderCats. Failing miserably, Bull was banished to Dark Side Territory. Plotting his revenge against Mumm-Ra and the ThunderCats.


Affiliation Jackalman's Army

Archenemy The ThunderCats

Base of Operations Castle Plun-Darr

Battles/Wars The Great Third Earth War

Homeworld Bos Taurus

Occupation Tyrant

Race Minotaur

Skills Weather Survivalist

Weapons Dual Engraved Iron War Axe

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