Full Name: Naugahyde Boar

Affiliation: Jackalman's Army

Base of Operations: Castle Plun-Darr


Battles/Wars: Africana-Mammalia Border Wars

Race: Wild Boar

Marital Status: Single

Primary Military Specialty: Underground Warlord

Secondary Military Specialty: Mutant Tracker and Night Hunting

Weapon of Choice: Shotgun Blaster


Gender: Male

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 240 lbs

Eyes: Brown – Red

Hair: Black – Grey


Homeworld: Third Earth

Place of Birth: Blackhollow, Mammalia


Boar is from Blackhollow, a country that lies on the continent of Mammalia. Blackhollow is located south east Mammalia. The landscape area is predominantly moist, tropical rain forests, mangroves, secondary forests, savanna woodland, grasslands and shores of rivers and lakes. This swine has great talents such as a fast runner, swimmer, he can hunt in just about any kind of environment that is why Jackalman made Boar his tracker. Boar holds a personal grudge against Thundercat Pantho. It was Panthro that left him crippled and the only survival is a robotic suit.