Bengali thundercats by az i am-d4yi5zh

Ben-Gali Fan Art by Az-I-Am

Ben-Gali a well-known blacksmith on Thundera. With his Hammer of Thundera Ben-Gali is one of the youngest adult Thundercats, he's impetuous, thats a good thing right? His hammer can fire blue energy blasts that stops any attacting opponents, or re-forge the Sword of Omens, once an impossible feat.

When Thundera was on its verge of destruction, Ben-Gali, Pumyra and Lynx-O were almost left behind, but they were saved, by berbils in a ship. Ben-Gali is one of the Thundercats that usually stays at the Tower of Omens, known as "the Watch Tower". Ben-Gali was one of the youngest of the Thundercats, now he is one of the most experience soldiers. Ben-Gali has fought many a battles and emerged victorious. On one of his missions he found a wounded dragon unable to defend itself, he then with the help of Pumy-Ra nursed the wounded beast back to health. Now, that jesture of kindness has paid off and the Thundercats now has an ally in their fight with Chime-Ra, once the control harness was removed. Will this tip the balance of power in the Thundercats favor?

Ben-Gali is one of the two younger Thunderians among the trio, named after the bengal tiger and resembling the white variant. This warrior is a skilled blacksmith like his father before him. This talent proves valuable after the Sword of Omens is once again broken. Fast and agile like Tygra, Ben-Gali is called "brother" by him, but it is unclear if they share a true familial bond or if the greeting is merely meant as a term of endearment (given that the new Thundercats repeatedly call the originals "Nobles" while referring to themselves as "mere Thunderians," it seems unlikely that there is any family relationship between the two). Another possibility is that because they are both tigers, the Ben-Gali clan may be cousins to the Tygra clan, even though one is considered nobility while the other is not. In combat, Ben-Gali wields a weapon called the Hammer of Thundera (which he also uses when doing blacksmith-related work). It can shoot energy blasts, and carries smoke pellets in its handle, to allow him to cause confusion and provide cover for withdrawal from a fight.