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Future City Under The Dome Wallpaper

Aqua City was a floating city on New Thundera; the city was formed in the Southern Hemisphere. It was a multilevel floating city, built approximately four hundred kilometers from any major landmasses. It's two centuries old by the time of the Thunderian Wars. It is presented as a docking bay for weary sea travelers. It had the reputation as a less refined community than most Thunderian settlements on New Thundera. But that soon changed, as the city was faced with criminal activity. Aqua City's government consisted of a chief manager who was elected to a three-year term and a five-member oversight committee, who was elected to a four- year term. Its population consists of 75,000 offworlders, with a few hundred Thunderians. The unlawful activity that plagues the city was that of intergalactic bounty hunters who scoured New Thundera for their prey.

The city itself incorporated underwater mining operations, a cantina, a seaport, a gorgeous sea hotel, a gift shop and several trading posts and an underwater mall complex center. The underwater mall center was designed for civilization and to allow water and air-breathing species to live together including the Thundercats when they go off duty. The entire floating city is encased in a dome sized bubble-like substance. The city houses mini-subs to travel across the sea to reach land. During the Great Rebellion of Thundera, the evil Frogman and his assistant Turtle kidnaps Bragbin the chief manager and tried to disable the dome's force field hoping that the city would be sunk to the coral reefs of New Thundera, luckily for them the Thundercats had put aside their troubles and came to the rescue.