Space station near the planet wallpaper

Space station near the planet wallpaper.jpg

              Miriandynus Nebula, Rippled Star System
                           TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

Armament: Thermal Cannons

                                      Firestorm Plasma Torpedos

War-Forged Greatshield

Complement: SST Thunderstorm

Space Transport

Crew: 300 to 2,000 (Civilians and Thunderians)

(Capacity: 7,000)

Cargo Capacity: 25,000,000 tons

Consumables: Unlimited

Hyper Drive Rating: Class 7

Navigation System: Navicomputer


Affiliation: Thundercats

Created: 300 Years [New Thundera Era]

“Operation Thunder Cloud” was the Thunderian code name for the project re-dubbing a pirate stronghold “Alpha Station”, after a serious cat fight in outer space and the Rippled system in space were chosen as the reconstruction site. Alpha Station was a civilian space station as well as a battle station armed for combat. For nearly two years constant repairs and remolding every resource that they had been directed toward completion of the project. King Lion-O needed someone to stay and begin scanning the galaxy for Thunderian refugees. Since Claw has been reinstated it became their new headquarters of Operation. Henro served as project supervisor of the space station and soon turned it over to Kendo as he was awarded the Commander of the Alpha Station once it was refitted and completed. At the exact “north pole” of the station was a private observation chamber and command post, from which Kendo could oversee all Alpha Station operations.